Browns Name Robert Griffin III Starting Quarterback

Browns Name Robert Griffin III Starting Quarterback

Browns Name Robert Griffin III Starting Quarterback: That time the Cleveland Browns make RGIII the leading quarterback for their team today. Griffin said he found out about the decision from Jackson on Monday morning in a meeting with all of the quarterbacks. Griffin’s reactions was more than grateful with his response of “It’s an honor,” he said. “It’s an honor to be one of 32 that are in this league. You take that and you respect that and you continue to go out and work and try to get better.”

Griffin, who had been battling Josh McCown for the starting job, becomes the 25th starting quarterback for the Browns since the franchise returned to the NFL in 1999.

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“He played the way I think a quarterback has to play. I think he did it flawlessly. I think he did everything I asked him to do. I know sometimes you guys judge him maybe a little different than I do; I get that. But I think that he did a great job and he’s continuing to do a great job. But again, he’s got to continue to get better, too,” Browns coach Hue Jackson said.


RGIII looks like he’s the man for the job, again. But do you think that’s enough for the Browns to make a winning end impact on this upcoming season? Did McCown get a fair shot for the spot? Either way the Browns have a lot of work to do, unless there’s some secret weapons that will blossom once season starts. Either way it all starts in T Minus 30 days! Hope everyone is ready.

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