Top 10 QBs To Draft For Fantasy Football for 2017

Top 5 QBs To Draft For Fantasy Football for 2017
                   Top 10 QBs To Draft For Fantasy Football for 2017

Top 10 QBs To Draft For Fantasy Football for 2017

Take a glance across the new and improved DIE HARD LEAGUE Rankings and you’ll find only a few differences at which player each of our analysts have atop the various spots. Now, I know there are thousands of blogs out there sharing similar stats but, hey, our team did very well last year in terms of picking Fantasy Football Teams winning 3 out 4 Leagues on the web. No we’re not expert, although we did put players, stats, drafts, and history in prospective when we made these picks. Please feel free to express your opinion. Thats what we’re all here for. Here are the Top 10 QBs To Draft For Fantasy Football for 2017, we do this for the love of the game.

There are a handful of favorites to be the top producer at their respective position, but there are some longshots too. Here’s a look at some players who have the best chance at coming out on top by position, including the obvious names and some not-so-obvious ones, along with our best guess at the odds for each guy.

#10. Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger
Ben Roethlisberger T Shirt

Ben Roethlisberger could be in for a great 2nd half of the season if he manage to stay healthy for it. He plays the majority of his games at home down the stretch, but he hasn’t been the most reliable when he’s on the road. Prone to injuries don’t help either, although did finish Top 12 QB once in the last 5 seasons. Ben has placed some unexpected surprises, so i wouldn’t totally count him out. Keep in mind, Roethlisberger’s retirement talk this offseason was more serious than what was originally conceived. However, because the 35-year-old signal caller ultimately decided to return for the 2017 season, all is well in Pittsburgh. Although days can be number as the Steelers did pick Josh Dobbs as their QB pick in the draft and will most likely start in front of Landry Jones. If Ben can stay healthy, he’ll produce for the Steelers and for you if you grab him later in the draft run.


#9. Jameis Winston



Jameis Winston
Jameis Winston Shirt

Jameis Winton finshed the season last year with 4,090 yards passing, 28 passing touchdowns and 18 interceptions. The Bucs were decimated at wide receiver, so Winston’s mediocrity isn’t all his fault. But it’s 2017 and guess what, Winston has some shiny new pieces placed for him to play with coming the new season that can be a big roll in fantasy picks. We like to call Jameis the DIE HARD LEAGUE Sleeper. Last year he only had Mike Evans to rely on. Now the Buccaneers have weapons like, Desean Jackson and Adam Humphries coming back healthy as ever. Winston hasn’t shown his full potential yet although if he can keep from turnovers we believe he’ll shine right through 2017.


#8. Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott
Dak Prescott T Shirt

Dak Prescott had a monster Rookie Season accomplishing 3,667 yards passing and 23 passing touchdowns to go with 282 yards rushing and 6 rushing touchdowns. Taking the Tony Romo roll and completely dominating the QB position along with Ezekiel Elliott’s help. The duo helped bring the Dallas Cowboys to a winning season, hitting Super Bowl contention. Performance ranked among best ever for rookie QBs, but ADP sets the bar extremely high, with little margin for error. As far as drafting him, if he drops off I doubt we’ll see a big drop-off. His offensive line is still strong and the Elliot taking the leading RB roll to help keep pressure off him if need be. Although with our prediction, we believe his rookie season was only the beginning. Coming to his sophomore year, he sticks to a positive momentum early, you could win big, picking him early in your draft. Either way its a safe pick.


#7.  Russel Wilson

Russel Wilson
Russel Wilson T Shirt

Wilson, who dealt with lingering ankle and MCL injuries for the duration of the 2016 season, told the press he feels “100 percent” healthy at OTAs. Although he did not miss any games last season, Wilson’s production reflected his health not being fully intact. Although Wilson being 100% which coming to this new season he will be, will be on top again as top 3 QBs in the league. This set back keeps ranked at 7. Not for sure knowing he’s 100% healthy and even so might note be as mobile as before. Nonetheless this is Russel Wilson who we’re talking about. The guy to was top fantasy scorer 4/5 season previous to 2016 season. Still a Q1 Pick regardless. Wilson will once again eclipse 5,000 yards in total offense and flirt with 30 touchdowns.


#6. Andrew Luck

Andrew Luck
Andrew Luck

Although Luck has not thrown a football since undergoing offseason shoulder surgery in January, he told the media Wednesday that he is “feeling better and better every day.” With no timetable on his return, his status for the start of training camp in late July remains up in the air. However, Colts’ brass is maintaining their belief that their franchise signal caller will be ready for the start of the 2017 regular season. Luck anticipating him to be healthy coming the new season with his current roster should hit 40+ touchdown , 5,000+ passing yard season. Injuries have slowed Luck’s development. Over the past 22 games he’s only thrown for 46 touchdowns, which leaves him in the shadows when stacked up against the group. However, his consistent production on the ground and an improving Colts’ offensive line leaves plenty of room for optimism. It was just three years ago that he finished as the top quarterback.


#5. Drew Brees

Drew Brees
Drew Brees


After finishing as fantasy’s No. 1 signal-caller in three of five seasons, Brees has fallen short of the mark in four straight years. However, he has been in the top three in all but one of those campaigns. He is coming off his fifth 5,000-yard season. No other player has accomplished that feat more than once in his career.He is coming off of a 2016 campaign in which he passed for at least 5,000 yards for the first time since 2013. Playing in all 16 games in 2016, he produced a 5,208-37-15 quarterback stat line while continuing to play at an extremely high-level high level despite his age. As 2017 is his contract year, Brees will hit the open market in the 2018 offseason if the Saints fail to re-sign him to an extension. What is there more to say. Drew Brees is a Top Pick for your fantasy draft.


#4. Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota
Marcus Mariota


Everyone remembers Mariota being the best fantasy QB for an 8 week stretch last year. What they don’t remember is the ideal schedule that allowed for it. This cominhg season, he will have a similar schedule. Not to mention the new weapons the Titans organizations provided him to use. In result, he usin’t going to run as much. But we believe he’ll prevail and surpise a few people. With that being said, he’ll out perform Drew Brees in this and contest for playoffs this year. Mariota had a leg injury recovery, and looks like he’ll be 100% coming in the opening of this season.


#3. Matt Ryan

Matt Ryan
Matt Ryan T Shirt

Ryan earned the NFL MVP award, plus, the Fed Ex Air Player of the Year. Playing in all 16 games, Ryan threw for 4,944 yards passing, 38 touchdowns and seven interceptions. Along with his jaw-dropping numbers, he led the Falcons to an 11-5 record in the regular season and a Super Bowl berth. Ryan’s accolades are well-deserved for the nine-year veteran, who was the No. 3 overall pick in the 2008 NFL Draft. Even with Kyle Shanahan gone, he’s still elite amongst all QBs.


#2. Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers
Aaron Rodgers T Shirt

He’s only finished as fantasy’s top quarterback twice since taking over as a starter in 2008, but has ended as one of the top two at the position seven times in nine seasons. Last year he became the first quarterback in league history to throw 39-plus touchdowns while rushing for at least four scores and compiling 350 or more yards on the ground. The most efficient QB in the history of the sport was a full 120 points better than the worst QB1 last season. That above replacement dominance is no fluke seeing that he has accomplished that achievement 5 of the past 7 seasons. While it rarely makes sense to draft a QB early, Rodgers consistently whoops other fantasy QBs so badly that he actually warrants being drafted earlier than his ADP this season. This is a no brainer to the Hail Mary King.


#1. Tom Brady


Tom Brady
Tom Brady T Shirt

Last but not least. Tom Brady. Brady turns 40 next month, but he has shown no signs of slowing down. Despite missing four games, he still managed to be a huge factor in 2016. Counting the playoffs, Brady threw for multiple scores in eight of his last 10 games while averaging 305.6 yards per contest during that span. Brady doesn’t throw as much of Brees and Luck, especially in the red zone, so even though he may be the best QB in football, his ADP should not reflect that. The Patriots loaded up on even more offensive weapons this offseason and that should help Brady keep his elite fantasy status.

These are DIE HARD LEAGUE’s Quarterback Fantasy Picks for 2017 Season. Glad you took the time to read through the Top 10 QBs To Draft For Fantasy Football for 2017. Feel free to place comments of your opinions on it.

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